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Achieve Peace of Mind for Less

with Affordable Auto & Homeowners Insurance Policies

All insurance agencies are not created equal. You wouldn't go to a grocery store if it only offered one product, so why go to an insurance agency that sells only one type of insurance? That sort of agency works for the insurance company and not for you. MGH Insurance Services is an independent agency dedicated to helping you find the absolute best coverage at rates well within your budget. We specialize in a wide range of policies, including homeowners, commercial, and auto insurance.

Auto Insurance
Driving without auto insurance is not only dangerous, it's illegal. Ensure that you're always covered while driving with comprehensive auto insurance from MGH Insurance Services. We write policies for all types of drivers—no one is rejected! Our specialties include SR-22s, full coverage liability, and even insurance options for individuals with international driver's licenses. We provide roadside assistance coverage, including towing, lockouts, and breakdowns, with most auto policies. 

Available Discounts:

 • Civil Service Employee
 • Multi-Vehicle Discounts  • Multi-Policy Discounts

Convenient Vehicle Registration:

 • Renewals
 • Change of Ownerships
 • Change of Titles  • New Registrations

Homeowners Insurance
Your home is perhaps your most valuable possession, which is why you need the best homeowners insurance coverage available. Our extensive homeowners insurance options include protection for your personal property and contents, as well as liability and loss of use coverage. Additional options, such as flood and earthquake insurance, are also available. Call us today for details.

Commercial Insurance
As a business owner, working with a trustworthy insurance agency will definitely save you both time and money. Our agents work with you to find a policy that's perfect for your business regardless of its size.

Our Commercial Insurance Specialties:
 • General Liability—For Negligence, Covers Anyone Hurt Due to a Mistake
   & Protects from Lawsuits
 • Workers' Compensation—If You Are an Employer, You Need to Have Workers'
 • Bonds—If a Contractor Does Not Complete a Job, We Can Submit a Claim Against
   Their Bond
 • Commercial Auto—Covers Drivers & Personal Liability

Life Insurance
We know it's difficult to imagine a time when you won't be there to help provide for your family, which is why we offer programs designed to help meet your life insurance requirements at any stage of life. We have life insurance plans (with or without savings) for infants on up.

Health Insurance
You simply can't afford to be without health insurance. Our agents work closely with you to find the most complete and affordable coverage available for you or your business.

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